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Mergent Archives

Contains four distinct, searchable databases of past print materials. “Corporate Manual Search” contains copies (dating back to 1909) of Moody’s Manual of Investments: American and Foreign. This publication is an annual directory of company listings, organized by type of business, including company description, history, and key financial indicators. “Municipal Manual Search” provides information, dating back to 1918, on securities issued by U.S. and foreign governmental entities. It also includes basic descriptions of each issuer (city, state, province, etc.) and international exchange rate tables. “Annual Report Search,” which supplements the recent company filings and annual reports in Mergent Online, provides a collection of over 500,000 fully searchable historical, global company filings and annual reports (in color) as far back as the late 1800s, depending on the company. “Key Business Ratios,” an excellent supplement to the separate Key Business Ratios (current data) database, contains the content of past print editions of this valuable resource dating back to 1979. Narrowly defined industry groupings provide micro level detail of income statement and balance sheet ratios by size of company.
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